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Modern Credit Repair Solutions.

Fixing your credit health for credit wealth!



Our Mission

Here at Liberty Life Credit Repair, we help you learn about credit scores, debt, and other aspects of personal finance. ... Our program helps you to understand consumer credit by simplifying complex topics and making the most important information more easily accessible. We evaluate your credit profile and work to remove all inaccurate accounts. Whether you’re getting ready for a Mortgage approval or trying to get a new car at the best rates, we’re here to help you elevate your credit today!

Our Vision

Our vision as a company is to put our clients before profits, to measure our success by the success of the results of our clients. To create a trust in order to assist real humans to find solutions to their credit concerns by creating a concrete bond and being a valued resource toward financial freedom.  





Free Consultations

We have no up-front costs, contracts or commitments. During your free counseling session, we'll walk through your current credit situation and create a personalized action plan for the next steps to get you on the path of positive credit health.

Credit Repair

According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, information reported about you to credit bureaus must be fair, variable, accurate, and relevant. Through our process, we help to ensure that credit companies and debt collectors don't abuse these standards.


Credit Education

Our dedicated Credit Education page assists you in understanding how to increase your credit score using practical tips & advice that everyone should know. Knowledge is power!

Timely Results

Results within 30 to 90 days. Once we send in your disputes on your behalf, the CRA’s legally have 30 to 45 days to respond.

Financial Freedom

A good credit rating can lead to Mortgage approval, lower interest rates on a new car, access to more credit, and leverage. We’re here to help you on your credit journey today! Fixing your credit health for credit wealth!



We Understand Your Why

One of the best items for building wealth is your credit score. With a proper credit score & history, you get access to premium interest rates, including a mortgage for a home, a car, good credit card rates & student loans. Credit scores can also be used by employers to vet job candidates, & whether you think it's fair or not, prospective employers may not be interested in hiring you if your credit situation is not up to par.

We Focus On The Important Items

The three numbers that make up your credit score are something you can’t afford to ignore. The time involved in addressing errors & negative marks (like late payments, maxing out lines of credit, or failing to pay an account) can take months to deal with. Maybe you'd avoided your finances, and are now paying the price. Or, you may be a victim of credit fraud or honest errors. We’re here to help you to reach your goals of creditworthiness & credit wealth!

We've Been Where You Are

Credit can be an intimidating mountain to climb, but we've been where you are and know how to reach the top! We understand your situation and that you want to take your life and financial situation to the next level. We can get you started in the right direction with the proper Credit Education!




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